What is Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR)?

Radio-TV Interview Report: The Magazine Producers Read to Find Guests (RTIR) is a trade publication that goes to over 4,000 radio/TV producers across the United States and Canada. RTIR is published twice a month, and each issue lists 100-150 authors and other spokespeople available for live and in-studio interviews. Each guest’s ad includes a contact person and phone number so interested radio/TV producers can get in touch to arrange interviews. Guests are willing to do interviews free-of-charge because they are typically promoting a book, product or cause.

This web site allows you to search for guests who have appeared in recent issues of RTIR.

I’m a producer – How do I Subscribe to Radio-TV Interview Report?

Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR) magazine is available free-of-charge to qualified radio/TV producers.

To start your free subscription, simply FAX a request on your station letterhead to 610-284-3704. Include your name, title, show name and mailing address. If you’d also like to receive our new email edition, include your email as well.

Questions? Email us at: Circ@rtir.com

I’d like to get lots of radio/TV publicity for my book, product or cause. How do I become a guest in RTIR?

For free info about advertising yourself as a guest in Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR), call 1-800-553-8002 ext 408. We’ll send you a free media kit including a sample issue plus a booklet with lots of tips for getting talk show publicity.

Advertising in RTIR can save you thousands of dollars off the cost of doing large-scale press release mailings. We’ll do all the work for you including writing your ad copy at no extra charge (subject to your approval, of course).

You can also visit this link and fill out the form there to get free information on Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR), plus you’ll get our free special report, 39 Ways to Get Free Publicity As a Guest on Radio/TV Talk Shows Nationwide and accompanying audio.

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